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March 30, 2015                                                                                                                      609-439-1463



Just Released from Beta, Start-Up Giving Free One-Month Access


BRISTOL, PA – Grassroots Unwired, a Philadelphia area start-up providing mobile technology for grassroots organizing, is announcing the public launch of its software aimed at supporting the activities of non-profits, by offering a free, one-month trial of their organizing and fundraising platform to Philadelphia area non-profits.


“We’re proud to have started our company in Philadelphia and proud of the work we have done to get our platform to the point it is today,” said Grassroots Unwired CEO Russ Oster. “It’s been put through its paces by some of the largest non-profits in the country and now that it is ready for broad use, we couldn’t think of a better way to launch then by helping local non-profits take their organizing efforts to the next level.”


While the Grassroots Unwired platform has been supporting political campaigns since 2012, the non-profit tools that are now being offered did not come into focus until May 2014, when The Public Interest Research Group (PIRG –, one of the largest non-profit fundraising organizations in the country, started a pilot aimed at getting their fundraisers off of clipboards and onto the Grassroots Unwired platform. From there came several other pilots with national organizations and their affiliates, such as Clean Water Action, the Wilderness Alliance, and Planned Parenthood.


Said Oster, ”It was immediately obvious that the transition to our platform was making a huge difference for our pilot clients. Overall the results have been striking – leading to more donors with higher average dollar contributions and more new members taking more action on behalf of the cause – not to mention the increased efficiencies in the management of these efforts.”


The one month free trial is available to nonprofit organizations in the Philadelphia region, including South Jersey and Delaware.


Interested organizations can contact Jordan Tenedora at Learn more about the new tools here:




Free Pilot for Philly Nonprofits