At Grassroots Unwired, we are always working to bring new and useful features to the app that all of our clients can use. Some of these new features have been developed based on requests from current clients, some were originally built as custom features that have now made their way into our standard app. This month, we have two fantastic features to talk about that we believe will benefit anyone working through the election season.

First up is a feature we call Nearest Location Lookup. We have seen the response to this new feature by clients who have been using it for actions like finding a polling place, a food pantry or a community event and they love it.

Meet Nearest Location Lookup

Here’s how it works:

  • You would pre-load a list of locations to which you need to direct your supporters.
  • Set your current location in 1 of 3 Ways:
    • Drop a Pin: Choose any location on the map as your starting point.
    • Use Current Location: Use our GPS lookup tool to set the door you are standing in front of as the starting point.
    • Use Subject Info: If you’ve previously entered an address or uploaded an address list into our system for the person you are talking to you can use that as the starting point without having to retype it.
  • The closest early voting and ballot drop-off locations pop-up on the screen in list form or map form so you can show the voter.
  • Then, based on where you have told the app you are starting from, the app will tell you the distance between your starting point and any of the locations on your pre-loaded list. This includes both drive and walk time to each so you can help the person plan their visit.
  • Select the location from the list and then email or text supporters this information in real time so they are reminded of the location and have it for themselves on their own device.
  • This feature can help persuade people to take an action and tell them exactly where they can go to carry it out.
  • Track everything and report on it in real time.

Request a Demo here:

New Feature: Nearest Location Lookup